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Hiking – Saint-Antonin-du-Var – Le Collet du Suis Distance: 5.8 km Duration: 1h50 Difficulty: Medium Elevation: 120 m

Departure from the Cemetery via “Chemin du Planouquier” to the North.

Passage under the Petit Train bridge “Méditerranée à Vélo” (1) then left towards Mentone (yellow and red marks).

Near Mentone, take for 150 m the road to Salgues which is tarred.

In a left turn, 15 meters before a vine, take to the right (2) in forest a path parallel to the vine (yellow and red marks).

Follow the signs to keep the same general direction. After 900 m, the trail leaves to the left and above a vineyard (3).

Further on, the trail meets the path “Collet du Suis” (yellow and red marks) take on the right (4), to go back to the departure.


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