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Salernes, land of ceramics

Salernes, Land of ceramic 


For 7000 years the village of Salernes has combined water, earth and fire and imposed its alchemy.


High place of manufacture of the famous “tomettes”, the know-how of the craftsmen has been able to adapt to be sought today by the greatest architects and decorators.


The Salernois workshops compete in talent and … humor to create or divert everyday objects.

The Var or more precisely its clay has traveled around the world and today terracotta continues to seduce …

The city of Salernes can be proud of the title of regional capital of ceramics.

Historically, in Salernes clay has been worked for more than 7,000 years, making it one of the oldest sites in Europe

Western. And over the ages the tradition continues, so much so that at the beginning of the 19th century, the city, rich in red clay deposits, launches into the manufacture of hexagonal malons, the famous tomettes.

This tile is easy to maintain, appreciated for its freshness. The tomette will become the specialty of Salernes.

Very quickly from Nice to Marseille, we will find this tile in almost all constructions.

Today, in Salernes, the know-how of ceramists has been able to adapt to be sought after by the greatest.

architects and decorators.

In the village, many artists and pottery workshops compete in talent and… humor to create or divert everyday objects, create jewelry, revisit pottery.

This history, but also collections of works by creators, you can discover by visiting the “Terra Rossa” Museum in Salernes!