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The "Vigne à Vélo" in Dracénie

La Vigne à Vélo is a greenway route of nearly 20 km linking Les Arcs sur Argens, Trans en Provence and Draguignan (gateway to Verdon).

By bike or on foot, on rollerblades, on a scooter, on a skateboard and even with a stroller…, La Vigne à Vélo is ideal for immersing yourself in nature in complete freedom and safety.


Children can frolic without risk. The elderly or people with reduced mobility, walk at their own pace. And athletes, indulge in their favorite practice.


The low slope and the surrounding vegetation allow a pleasant and shaded walk. The asphalt surface is also very comfortable for all walkers.


Lunch tables and benches as well as fountains are installed along the path for picnic breaks or snacks.

4.5 km from the center of Les Arcs sur Argens at the “Sainte-Roseline” roundabout.


The meeting of a rich heritage of the medieval city of Parage and the historical museum of the city to the Sainte-Roseline Chapel.


And do not hesitate to leave the route to visit the estates! (Font du Broc, Ste-Roseline or Valbourgès)

La Vigne à Vélo is expanding with a new section from Draguignan (La Clappe) to Rebouillon at the gates of the Châteaudouble gorges. + 4km

For the more athletic, from Draguignan La Vigne à Vélo connects to the EV8 “La Méditerranée à Vélo” which crosses the Dracénie from West to East for 70 km.

Eventually, “La Vigne à Vélo” will link Vidauban, Taradeau, La Motte and Le Muy.


5.5 km from “Sainte-Roseline” to Trans en Provence.

The natural heritage with its undergrowth and its panoramas. Arrived at Trans en Provence, on foot, do not miss the “loop of Calant”: suspension bridge over the gorges, walk along the Nartuby waterfalls and push to the aerial well.


3.5 kilometer(s) from Trans waterfalls in downtown Draguignan.

The town carries Verdon with its shops, exhibitions, museums and all services.


3.2 km from Boulevard Comte Muraire in Pont d’Aups (open lane)


2.6 km from Pont d’Aups to La Clappe (shared road)


2.2 km from La Clappe to Rebouillon (cycle path + shared lane)

Châteaudouble (Rebouillon) -> Draguignan (La Clappe): 2.2 km

Draguignan (La Clappe) -> Draguignan (Pont d’Aups): 2.6 km

Draguignan (Pont d’Aups) -> Draguignan (Count Muraire): 3.2 km on road open to traffic / no cycle path

Draguignan -> Trans-en-Provence: 3.5 km

Trans en Provence -> Ste Roseline: 5.5 km

Ste Roseline -> Les Arcs sur Argens: 4.5 km


Total: 20.3 km on cycle path + 3.2 on open road

Enjoy your journey in Dracénie!



Boulevard du Comte Muraire.



Trans station, Route du Plan “La Gare’Gotte”, opposite Decathlon.



Sainte Roseline roundabout.



Roundabout of the two cypresses