Dracénie Provence Verdon Tourisme


A gourmet gateaway to meet local producers.
Short circuits and direct farm sales for a family picnic or a dinner with friends.

Goat cheeses, yogurts, sheep’s milk ice creams, wood vinegar, lemon thyme vinegar, farmhouse cheeses, aromatic herbs and IGP rosé wine (Callas), organic apples (Topaz and Dalinette), « Le Ballon Rouge » red wine cuvee, organic AOC olive oil (Claviers), potatoes, truffles and honey (Comps sur Artuby), olive oil from Figanieres, milk and dairy products, lentils, chickpeas, potatoes (La Roque Esclapon).

Fill your basket, do your shopping and try local flavours. Awaken your taste buds !

Heading to the perched villages you will meet local producers such as olive growers, winegrowers, beekeepers and market gardeners willing to share their know how . Grasp the opportunity to taste local flavours. All these information are available in our brochure « Le Guide du Terroir Gourmand », available at our tourist offices.