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The Haut Var Olive Tree Route

The olive tree, the emblem of the Mediterranean basin, has played a major role in shaping the landscapes of our region.

In the charming communes of Bargemon, Callas, Claviers, Figanières, Flayosc, La Motte, Montferrat, Saint-Antonin-du-Var, Taradeau and Trans-en-Provence, olive groves flourish on well-drained soils, whether on the hillsides, organised into terraces, or on the plains.


In our region, we grow many different varieties of olive, each producing an oil of exceptional aromatic richness. So each bottle is a unique product! Since 2020, the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) “Huile d’Olive de Provence” has been created to recognise this excellence.


Huile d’olive de Provence” highlights two distinct areas of expertise in Provence: one based on working with fresh olives and the other with mature olives. These two approaches result in different sensory profiles:


– Huile d’olive de Provence”, made by quickly crushing the olives harvested (less than four days), has aromas of fresh grass and even raw artichoke.


– Huile d’olive de Provence” bearing the label “olives maturées” (matured olives) is produced from olives that have previously been “matured” (between four and ten days) and has aromas of black olives, candied fruit, undergrowth and even toasted bread.


Our region is home to many oil producers and mills, ranging from traditional establishments to resolutely modern facilities. Don’t hesitate to push open the doors of the estates and shops, where the passionate owners will be happy to pass on their know-how. Some offer tours of their orchards, mills and vats, followed by a tasting session.


Whether you prefer fruity green, fruity ripe or mature olives, you’re sure to find an oil to suit your tastes in our region.


On the Route de l’Olivier du Haut Var, discover the best olive-growing addresses in the towns belonging to the Fédération des Villes Françaises Oléicoles

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