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Hiking – Les Arcs sur Argens – Les menhirs des Terriers Distance: 11.3 km Duration: 4h40 Difficulty: Medium Elevation: 350m


Park at La Tournavelle, between the Argens bridge, and the Aille bridge (1).


Follow the tarmac road South, cross the Aille bridge (Eiffel bridge). Walk until reaching place called “la Renardiere” (leave “la Font de Catin” (2) your right).


The road turns into a unmetalled road about 500 m.

Go left on Bauquieres trail. Walk along the river for 1 km. Head torwards Castel Diaou on “Mine des Porres” track through Blaquière Valley. On your right “Jas des Maures” ruins (community sheepfold) (3). Walk across a marsh area (4) (600 m).


Reach then the Porres mine (5) (300m).


Once reached the Four a Poix (6) (300 m), turn left on DFCI “Les Pommiers”. At the tank (500 m), take right and 100m further go again on right (Les Grilles E16).


Go uphill for 500m, then left turn. At the top of the hill, turn right onto DFCI. Halfway, you will walk, past dolmens (7). 300 m further down on your right the standing stones (8).

200 m further down, at the junction, follow the E15 road. 200 m further, follow the left trail. (4 km) back to La Renardière.


Left turn and head back to the car park (500 m).


On road DN7, south of Les Arcs-sur-Argens city, go onto Chemin du Bac pathway “forêt communale” for 3 km. • Car park (la Tournavelle) and start of the route between the two bridges: after the Argens bridge and before the Aille bridge (1)


Shared use trail : safe hiking during hunting season, from August to March. Check dates on : www.mairie-les-arcs-sur-argens.fr/associations-culture/tourisme/patrimoine.html


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