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Family walk – Lorgues – La campagne de Pey-Cervier Distance: 5.4 km Duration: 2h30 Difficulty: Easy Elevation: 150 m

Departure and parking Saint-Jaume hamlet (1) on Road D 562.


Do not impede traffic.


Walk up the road 30 m and turn right to “Traverse de la Douce” for about 1 km. Take left on “Dolmen de Pey Cervier” trail (2).


Walk along “Rose Tremiere” wine estate and after 1.2 km at the tank take “Le Palet” trail on the left (3).


Continue until the Dolmen signpost is met (4). Look out for pathway and follow it downhill until the electric transformer (5), follow the track on your left for 200 m to reach a road. Go on left for 900 m to reach departure.


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