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Family walk – Lorgues - Saint Ferréol Distance: 4 km Duration: 2 hours Difficulty: Easy Elevation: 220 m

Carpark: tourism board.


From the carpark, head the Saracen door and Saint-François square (1).


Follow Saint-Honorat street for 450 m to a wooden cross and Saint-Honorat Chapel square (2).


At the junction (3), cross the road and go up to the way of the cross stairs, you soon reach Saint-Ferréol Ermitage.

Continue on the left past Saint-Ferréol Chapel. Just after the first road bend (4), follow the path on a 100 m onto the sports trail for 1.5 km. You then head past a former lime kiln (5). Soon you reach a main road.


Head uphill for 70 m and turn left and walk downhill by the way of the cross and Saint-Honorat street to Lorgues village.


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