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Family walk – Callas – La chapelle Saint Auxile Distance: 9 km Duration: 3h Difficulty: Easy Elevation: 110 m

Carpark (1): Place du 18 juin, down the village.


Take the south road on 10 yards, turn left and head on “chemin de la Colle Blanche” to an ancient washing place “la Font des Mines” (2).


Head straight on 1.5 km on “chemin Colle Blanche” until a junction with an oratory (3).


Ignore the Chapel sign. Take a sharp right turn, walk up and soon take another path curving letf uphill to Saint-Auxile chapel (4).


Bypass the chapel heading south. Use the forest track and walk downhill northeast, ignore the track going right uphill.

Walk downhill north. Head up to a junction to find the “Colle Blanche” forest track (5).

Turn right onto the track, continue further for 400 m and take right turn on “Les Regussons” (6).


Cross over a small hill and head straight downhill, south. You will reach a small tarred road. At this point, turn left (7).


After 900 m, at the junction take left onto a tarred road heading uphill (8).


500 m further, at the junction, turn left onto a trail (9) “Colle Blanche”. From there retrace your steps back to Callas.


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