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Hiking – La Bastide – Le Lachens 332 / 5 000 Résultats de traduction Distance: 11.2 km Duration: 4 hours Difficulty: Difficult Elevation: 800 m

(1) Start from La Bastide church. Follow the tarmac road GR 49 going uphill.

(2) At “Fouan du Bouis” signpost, leave the GR 49 on your right and go onto the blue pathway leading to Lachens mountain.

(3) At la Madeleine junction, take on left to continue on the trail.

(4) On the road heading uphill to Lachens mountain. Keep walking uphill for 250 m.

(5) At the tank after the bend, take a left turn onto a small pathway that soon crosses the main road. Keep walking uphill until the phone relay.

(6) At the top, viewpoint indicator to enjoy a panoramic view.

(7) Retrace your steps downhill to the carpark onto Lachens trail south side of the mountain.

(8) Back on trail GR49, keep walking torwards the place name “Bas Varuins” for 1.5 km.

(9) At “Font Galette” signpost (tarmac road). Go to La Bastide for 1.9 km.

(10) At “Les Faisses” signpost, La Bastide village is only 500 m away.


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