Dracénie Provence Verdon Tourisme

Hiking - Flayosc - Peylong / Figueiret Distance: 8 km Duration: 2h30 Difficulty: Medium Elevation: 250 m

From the village (1) pass under the porch next to the post office and turn left on the “route du Peyron”, pass under bridge (2).

At the fork take to the left the “chemin des Peylongs” (3) and go up to the “route du Figueiret”.

Turn right (4) towards the hamlet and then right again into the “impasse du Figueiret” (5).

Leave the farmhouse on the left and continue to descend, leaving the houses on the left, then go down narrow trail (6) to reach the asphalt road “Peire Aiguille”.

Turn right and join a bifucartion (7) and follow the “chemin des Peyrons” to point (3) and return to the village.


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