Dracénie Provence Verdon Tourisme

Family walk – Comps-sur-Artuby – Clos de Siounet Distance: 3.5 km Duration: 1h30 Difficulty: Easy Elevation: 100 m

Siounet carpark (RD71). (1) From the car park take the south uphill trail (chemin de Fayet) for 200 meters. (2) Road junction, take a sharp left turn and go onto a narrower path: keep following it until you are faced with a stunning view over Comps-sur-Artuby. (3) Admire the spectacular landscape and wonderful views. Then head straight westwards until you reach the opposite hillside of the valley. (4) Chemin de Siounet, turn right onto a trail that soon takes you into a Pinus sylvestris woodland. (5) Keep following Fayet pathway for about 200 meters. At the fence, turn right onto a trail that heads off down the hill. Keep going until you reach a carpark, a little upper take the trail on the left along the RD 71 to go back at your departure.


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