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Family walk – Trans en Provence – Le puits aérien Distance: 5 km Duration: 1h40 Difficulty: Easy Elevation: 100 m

Car park at the former railway station, on “Route du Plan”.


Go onto the “Vigne à Vélo” until you reach Notre- Dame junction (1).


From this point, go onto Les Arcs-sur-Argens road up to “Chemin de la Croix”. Follow the pathway on your right going uphill (2).


Walk to the very top of “Chemin de la Croix” pathway.

At the selective sorting centre, keep onto “Chemin des Suous”. Turn right onto “Chemin du puits” and follow it until you reach the Escombes slope.


Turn left (3) and turn left again until you meet “Lotissement les Escombes”.


Keep ahead and follow “Montée de la Cotte” until the air well on your right.


Visit the air well and follow the road downhill and take left onto the path heading to the station and the carpark.


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