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Family walk – Vidauban – Le bois du Rouquan Distance : 4,1 km Duration : 2 h Difficulty: Easy Elevation: 45 m

From Vidauban, go onto RD48 to La Garde Freinet for 8 km find the car park (1) on the right, next to a tank.


From the rest area, turn left (2) onto a pathway along the road until a junction (3).

Turn right and cross the barrier. Take the large trail and keep going on “Bois du Rouquan” until the junction (4).

Turn right onto a narrow trail until junction (5).


From this point, you can retrace your steps to the carpark following the pathway on your right.

Keep walking further ahead.

Take a sharp left turn onto a pathway until (6) Turn right and keep walking until (7).

Turn right onto the pathway alongside the road. It takes you back to the starting point.

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