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Family walk – Figanières – La Voie Romaine Distance: 9 km Duration: 3h Difficulty: Easy Elevation: 200 m

Parking Saint-Joseph entrance of the village on the left (1).

Facing the parking lot, take the Chemin des Cottes to the barrier and then the wide track.

Ignore the downhill track to the right and stay on the main track to reach the plateau.

Leave the right track “Pont de la Tuilière” (2) and continue straight on the main track to the pumping station (3).

Leave to the right a track DFCI 79 “Marécouale”. Continue on main track; after passing under the electric line (4) go downhill.

Leave “Bois Panisse” track on the left.

After this junction, the track is paved and 1.2 km further, you reach on the right (5), the road of the Malmont “Roman way” (DFCI 77).

Take this road to the pass where the road joins a large track (6).

Turn right in a North direction, leave to the right, the DFCI “Marécouale” tracks and further, DFCI 78 “range”.
At the crossroads of Les Salettes (7) continue towards the North to reach “Vallon de la Cassade” by a regular descent reach a crossroads of several paths (8).

Leave the large track and turn right on a south-west descending road to cross the Pont de la Tuilière (9).

Go back 600 m. At the pumping station (3) turn left and reach the parking lot by the way of departure.

Ball-trap on thursday afternoon, saturday, sunday morning.


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