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Family walk – Bargemon – La table d’orientation Distance A/R: 9 km Duration A/R: 3h Difficulty: Easy Elevation: 400 m

Head past the gendarmerie and follow direction to Col du Belhomme.


After 1.55 miles park your car in the entrance of chemin de Campaoure (1).


Walk ahead as the path goes uphill with curves. At (2) don’t take Chemin du Bouscatier on your right but go ahead.


At the crossroad junction (3), ignore the Gaudissard trail on your right and take a left turn uphill.


Keep following the path uphill and ignore the boulder on your left (4).


Head straight across a succession of bends you come across another hairpin bend and soon you reach the secondary road (5).


Look for the pathway just opposite. Follow it uphill, ignore the carpark on your right (6). Continue on 50 m aiming for “Table d’orientation”.

Open and close the gateway after getting on the path. You’re on a military field don’t walk out the path. Uphill for 30 minutes to reach (7).


Follow the same track on your way back.


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