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Family walk – Bargemon – Favas et le bois de la Coste Distance: 10 km Duration: 3h20 Difficulty: Easy Elevation: 100 m

Start from the village square (1) Follow François Maurel street rising uphill and turn right onto Marceau street until you reach road D25.


Look out for St Roch path (2) just opposite.


Once on road D19, take (3) on your left the path going down Go ahead until (4) road D19 again and follow it for 200 m.


Just before the left curve, go onto (5) the Chemin des Béliers soon leading a road to follow until (6) the oratory Look out for the trail left of the oratory, waymarked by a former well.


At the barrier. Ignore the main trail and go onto (7) the pathway as it gets uphill. At the small plateau (8), turn left after passing the barrier (ignore la Coste place name).


Come across (9) a DFCI trail (anti-wildfire trail), cross the trail and go ahead onto the left waymarked trail.


Keep going uphill ignoring the trail on your right. Ignore the barrier pathway and keep walking uphill. At (10) the stone marker, stay on the main trail.


After 200 m, leave the main trail and take (11) left turn onto the fenced pathway.

After about 1 mile, (12) turn left.


60 m further ahead, (13) turn right on a path reaching road D25. (14) retrace your steps back to the city centre along the road. Be careful.


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